Welcome to Ibanera Launchpad (v3)

This document details the application of the Launchpad API for payment processing, tailored specifically for e-commerce operators. The Launchpad API utilizes blockchain technology to afford merchants a dependable mechanism for tracking all transactional activity. Integration with the NFT Launchpad payment system is streamlined through an entirely automated procedure.

Ibanera Launchpad Phase 3 is an enhanced system that enables merchants to integrate their API to log transactions on the blockchain more swiftly than before. This iteration represents a significant evolution from Ibanera Launchpad Phase 2, all transactions are being minted without any dependency on a 3rd party (Fireblocks). It includes a sophisticated administrative console for efficient management of merchant profiles, including the enrollment of new merchants, oversight of their transactional records, and the authority to suspend or restrict access to merchant accounts when necessary.

A principal refinement in the NFT Phase 3 backend APIs is the unification of the endpoints for both 2D and 3D transactional processes into a singular conduit. For 3D secure transactions, the API now requires parameters for a redirect URL and a webhook, both of which can be configured within the admin console.

To preserve seamless integration and operational continuity, the structure of API requests and responses has been maintained from the previous phases.

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