2. Authorization Transaction

POST Request to https://ggnft.ibanera.com/v3/submit-transaction/deposit-transaction

deposit-transaction can only be called once a quote has been generated and is active, meaning that the quote was generated within 10 minutes of the request to authorize a payment.

When a payment is authorized for a given quote, the user's billing information is processed for the orderTotal amount generated in getQuote.

Note: deposit-transaction will remain the same endpoint for all 2D and 3D transactions.


JSON Body Request Example

    "paymentInformation": {
        "cardNumber": "4000000000001091",
        "cardHolderName": "Abelardo Heller",
        "CVV": "123",
        "monthExpire": "10",
        "yearExpire": "2029",
        "billingAddress": "3993 Werninger Street",
        "billingAddress2": "Appartment 1A",
        "city": "Houston",
        "state": "Texas",
        "country": "USA",
        "zip": "77002"
    "ipAddress": "",
    "email": "abelardo.heller@gmail.com",
    "token": "{{quote_token}}",
    "promptText": "This is Prompt Text"

Success Response - (status code 200)

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "paymentApproved": true,
        "paymentStatus": "APPROVED",
        "nftStatus": "PENDING",
        "txID": "703299",
        "orderTotal": 101.9,
        "mintHash": "",
        "mintDate": "",
        "quote_id": "CmbpmBGrth2v53Itvzfo",
        "timestamp": 1704405469632

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