3D Secure Information

Refer to this page if you are enrolled in 3D Secure as a merchant

In order to process a transaction using 3D Secure, you must follow the following protocol as outlined on this page.

POST Request to https://ggnft.ibanera.com/v3/submit-transaction/deposit-transaction

You may notice it is the same endpoint as 2D transactions.


Header ParameterTypeTextAction





JSON Body Request Example

    "paymentInformation": {
        "cardNumber": "4000000000001091",
        "cardHolderName": "Abelardo Heller",
        "CVV": "123",
        "monthExpire": "10",
        "yearExpire": "2029",
        "billingAddress": "3993 Werninger Street",
        "billingAddress2": "Appartment 1A",
        "city": "Houston",
        "state": "Texas",
        "country": "USA",
        "zip": "77002"
    "ipAddress": "",
    "email": "abelardo.heller@gmail.com",
    "redirecturl": "https://www.youtube.com/",
    "token": "{{quote_token}}",
    "promptText": "This is Prompt Text"

Webhooks must be enabled when using 3D Secure. You can add a webhook from the admin panel through an authorized account.

Success Response - (status code 200)

"success": true,
"data": {
"paymentStatus": "PENDING",
"nftStatus": "PENDING",
"txID": 559397,
"orderTotal": 45,
"paymentUrl": "https://challenge-page.com", // {3D Secure URL}
"mintHash": "",
"mintDate": "",
"quoteId": "TCUgMsseP7WjBj5rjfHS",
"timestamp": 1704405469632

Note: 3D transactions will not be submitted until the “3D Secure URL” webpage is opened on the client’s device. Please refer below for the successful response in receiving and acknowledging webhooks

Webhook Response

"success": true,
"data": {
"paymentApproved": true,
"paymentStatus": "APPROVED",
"nftStatus": "PENDING",
"orderTotal": "45",
"txID": "703299",
"qouteId": "xxAbcXX"

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